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Reading Group on Learnability (7/2002)

An informal reading group on learnability organized by the LSHK will be held on July 27, 2002 (Sat) at 2pm in Rm B5705 of City University of Hong Kong. The reading group will be devoted to the articles in the current issue of Linguistic Review (Vol 19, No. 1, 2002). Particularly, the following three articles are selected for discussion:

  • Geoffrey Pullum and Barbara Scholz: 'Empirical assessment of stimulus poverty arguments' (p. 9-50)
  • Janet Fodor and Carrie Crowther: 'Understanding stimulus poverty arguments' (p. 105-145)
  • Stephen Crain and Paul Pietroski: 'Why language acquisition is a snap' (p. 163-183)

If you have any difficulties to find these articles, please contact Sze-Wing Tang by email at Any changes of the meeting will be announced here.

All are welcome!

(Latest update: July 15, 2002)