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The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong Cantonese Romanization Scheme (香港語言學學會粵語拼音方案), or known as Jyutping (粵拼), was designed and proposed by the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong in 1993. Jyutping is a new Cantonese romanization system which has many advantages. For example, it is multifunctional, systematic, user-friendly, compatible with all possible modern Cantonese sounds, and solely based on alphanumeric characters without any diacritics and strange symbols.

Jyutping can also be used as a Chinese computer input method. Its basic principles are simple, easy to learn, and professional. The Jyutping input method is particularly suitable for native speakers of Cantonese and those users who want to learn and practice Cantonese in an informal way.

Practical Jyutping Input Method (實用粵語拼音輸入法) can be installed in Chinese Windows 3.1/95/98/NT4.0 and Windows 2000 and Windows XP. For the details, please click here.

The LSHK Cantonese Romanization Scheme 香港語言學學會粵語拼音方案
(hoeng1 gong2 jyu5 jin4 hok6 hok6 wui2 jyut6 jyu5 ping3 jam1 fong1 on3)

1. Onsets 聲母

b (巴) p (怕) m (媽) f (花)  
d (打) t (他) n (那)   l (啦)
g (家) k (卡) ng (牙) h (蝦)  
gw (瓜) kw (誇)     w (蛙)
z (渣) c (叉)   s (沙) j (也)

2. Nuclei 韻腹

aa (沙) i (詩/星/識) u (夫/風/福) e (些/四) o (疏/蘇)
a (新) yu (書) oe (鋸) eo (詢)  

3. Codas 韻尾

p (濕) t (失) k (塞)
m (心) n (新) ng (生)
i (西/需) u (收)  

4. Syllabic nasals 鼻音單獨成韻

m (唔) ng (吳)

5. Tones 字調

Tone marks 調號 :

1 (夫/福) 2 (虎) 3 (副/霍) 4 (扶) 5 (婦) 6 (父/服)

Position of tone marks 標調位置 : at the end of the syllable 放在音節後
Examples 舉例:fu1 (夫), fu2 (虎), fu3 (副), fu4 (扶), fu5 (婦), fu6 (父)

6. Finals illustrated with Chinese characters 韻母字例

i 思 ip 攝 it 洩 ik 識 im 閃 in 先 ing 升   iu 消
yu 書   yut 雪     yun 孫      
u 夫   ut 闊 uk 福   un 歡 ung 風 ui 灰  
e 些     ek 石     eng 鄭 ei 四  
    eot 摔     eon 詢   eoi 需  
oe 鋸     oek 腳     oeng 疆    
o 可   ot 喝 ok 學   on 看 ong 康 oi 開 ou 好
  ap 汁 at 侄 ak 則 am 斟 an 珍 ang 增 ai 擠 au 周
aa 渣 aap 集 aat 扎 aak 責 aam 站 aan 讚 aang 掙 aai 齋 aau 嘲

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