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Sze-Wing Tang worked on comparative syntax under the principles-and-parameters approach in his doctoral dissertation. The title of his dissertation is Parametrization of Features in Syntax, which is available for distribution from UMI at The PDF version of his dissertation can also be downloaded here:

[NB: The page number of the PDF version may not be exactly the same as the original version distributed by UMI.]


  • 《漢語方言語法的參數理論》[A Parametric Theory of Chinese Dialectal Grammar]. 北京:北京大學出版社 Beijing: Peking University Press (2003). [cover]
  • 《形式漢語句法學》[Formal Chinese Syntax]. 上海:上海教育出版社 Shanghai: Shanghai Educational Publishing House (2010). [cover] **Silver Award, Li Fang-Kuei Book Awards in Linguistics, Li Fang-Kuei Society for Chinese Linguistics 榮獲「紀念李方桂先生中國語言學研究學會2011-2012年度學術論著獎」優等獎**
  • 《粵語語法講義》[Lectures on Cantonese Grammar]. 香港:商務印書館 Hong Kong: The Commercial Press (2015). [cover]
    **Second Prize, 17th Wang Li Awards in Linguistics, Peking University

Edited Books

  • 《粵語拼音字表(第二版)》[Guide to LSHK Cantonese Romanization of Chinese Characters (Second Edition)]. 香港:香港語言學學會 Hong Kong: Linguistic Society of Hong Kong (2002). (co-ed. with K. Fan, T. Lee, C. Lun, K.-K. Luke, P. Tung, and K.-H. Cheung)
  • On the Formal Way to Chinese Languages. Stanford: CSLI (2002). (co-ed. with C.-S. Liu)
  • Studies in Cantonese Linguistics 2. Hong Kong: Linguistic Society of Hong Kong (2007). (co-ed. with Joanna Ut-seong Siu)
  • Current Issues in Linguistic Interfaces. Seoul: Hankook Munhwasa (2009). (co-ed. with Young-Se Kang, Chul Kim, Jong-Yurl Yoon, Yong-Soon Kang, Kyoung-Ae Kim, Hyunkyung Yoo, Youngjun Jang, and Hye-Kyung Kang)
  • 《漢語「的」的研究》[Studies of the Particle De in Chinese]. 北京:北京大學出版社 Beijing: Peking University Press (2017) [info]